Seeking collaborative performers for new process: Tools Toward Queer Futures

Submitted by norasharp on Sun, 06/10/2018 - 10:58pm

Hello artists and performers,

I am looking for people to join me in the studio starting in midsummer 2018 for a new phase of a process and practice I am calling Tools Toward Queer Futures. TTQF is an ongoing project that lives in creative process spaces and uses the fruitful, generative capacity of these spaces to practice learning how to be together. TTQF assumes that we’re already doing it and that we have yet more to do; that individual nourishment enables collective movement forward and that collective change spurs individual growth; and that creative process can be a valuable container for prototyping the world we want to live in. TTQF is more focused on allowing the space to become what we collectively discover it needs to be than on making a cool product to perform at the end.

This current round of TTQF invites artists and performers of all backgrounds to come together weekly, bringing with them their questions about their current creative projects as well as about their lives. We will use an array of practices—drawn from non-violent communication, individual & group therapy, somatic studies, dance/performance composition, and more—to find out what happens in the work we make when our priorities don’t necessarily look like making work.

I will enter this process ready to facilitate and guide while inviting leadership from others along the way. My intention as a facilitator will be to set up circumstances where we can explore and create the tools we need together.


Logistical details: We will meet on Fridays in the late morning/early afternoon in the Logan Square area starting July 13 and going through the mid fall, with occasional weeks off. Further details available upon conversation.


Financial details: I see this process not as one in which I am asking performers to make work I want to make (aka hiring labor, which necessitates payment) but as one most toward the world in which universal basic income exists and then we can do what we want with it. My ideal would thus be to provide such universal basic income (aka an hourly living wage for time spent in process just because everyone should have one, not so that we then owe our labor). However, I don’t currently make enough money to cover this. I will pay people if or as my situation changes and/or I receive funding. In the meantime, I would recommend entering into this process with the mindset that it is a commitment that is not paid.


If you’re interested: Please email me at and tell me a little bit about yourself and how the process and values I’ve described here resonate with you. I would love to know what you care about and what you are looking for from group creative process spaces.


About me: I’m a performer and writer who works with tools from many disciplines to make my work. These days those tools include dancing, talking, sounding, and more. Millennial in the sense that I’m not trying to not make work that acknowledges the burning proto-apocalypse we live in. Born and raised Chicagoan, AFAB, white, pronouns are dealer’s choice. Recently finished a Co-MISSIONS residency at Links Hall for which I made a solo called Small Boobs. TTQF was essentially my practice in that residency. It also lived in rehearsals and in anxiety workshops I taught while in residency at VOLTA Performing Arts in the months leading up to Links, as well as in a workshop at Hyde Park Arts Center in spring 2018.

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Tuesday, July 31, 2018
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